Our Toddler room is led by a team of qualified educators, who have created a safe, warm and positive learning environment for children. Our educators pride themselves on teamwork and reflective practices, offering a fun, age appropriate program planned with developmental goals such as independence skills, language development and toilet training. Creativity is explored with arts are crafts, and motor development is promoted with creative movement and dance. We offer an extracurricular physical activity program ‘Sports 4 Kinders’, who visit each fortnight. This program teaches sportsmanship, and promotes motor skills, strength and balance.

Our outdoor play area offers a safe opportunity to explore these developing skills. Our large veranda allows us to enjoy outdoor play in any weather.

The Toddler room program promotes sustainably with the children actively involved in planting, maintaining and harvesting vegetable gardens and observing and feeding the wildlife, which visit the native flora surrounding our yard. Our Toddler children are encouraged to connect with their community and the world around them.

We implemented outdoor sleeping as part of our ongoing program, as educators reflect on the benefits of this practice we have observed the decrease of incidents of illness, and have found the children fall asleep faster and for longer. The children embraced this routine and are encouraged to have a voice in planning decisions such as this, as we follow a philosophy of child led play and play based learning.