Pre Kinder

Our Pre-kinder room is a time full of exploration and discovery. Our program is delivered by qualified educators and the program, which is both an intentional and play based curriculum, offers a learning approach that engages active young minds.

Our educators aim to provide children with rich and meaningful learning experiences that will allow children to naturally develop and have the opportunity to guide their own learning. Our routine allows time for individual play/learning, small group play/learning and large group sessions. Singing, movement, music, dramatic play, painting, creating, designing,

experimenting and building are just some ways the children in our Pre-Kinder room will learn and grow.

In the Pre-Kinder room children will be provided with opportunities to learn to become more self-reliant, engage positivity with other children, express their emotions and strengthen their thinking and communication skills.

While we aim to deliver a program that intentionally support children’s developmental milestones we also believe that through self-guided play, inquiry, exploration, discussion and investigation, children can develop their own authentic selves.